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Child Development Associates (CDA) Course for Preschool

Prepare for the CDA Credentialing Process

Prepare for the CDA Credentialing Process

Prepare for the CDA Credentialing Process


Anytime before you apply

You must have a high school diploma or GED.

Complete 120 clock hours, including 10 hours in each of the 8 CDA Subject Areas with us.

Have 480 hours of experience working with children within the last 3 years.  It may be professional or volunteer.

Once you enroll, you will receive via mail, a Competency Standards book from us. 

You may also purchase The Essentials for Working with Young Children Textbook and the Workbook if you would like.  

You can order these textbooks and workbook from the CDA Council Bookstore.

For your Professional Portfolio, we will also mail you a 3-ring binder.

CDA Preschool Certification Course

Prepare for the CDA Credentialing Process

Prepare for the CDA Credentialing Process



Cost: $199.00

The Child Development Associate Credential is the most widely recognized credential in early childhood education  and is based on a core set of Competency Standards, which guide early care and learning professionals as they work toward becoming qualified teachers of young children.  Here at The McKee Group, we are excited to assist you in earning your CDA Credential.   

Because you are required to complete a Professional Portfolio, our course has been designed to be completed in a minimum of 8 weeks.  There is no time limit to complete the course, the course is completed self-paced and available to you 24/7.  

There is an additional cost of $425.00 that will be paid to the CDA Council.  Scholarships for this fee may be available.

It's Not Too Late to Enroll. Scholarships are available statewide for CDA Assessment Fee and Associate scholarships. Go to http://texasaeyc.org/programs/teach/

CDA Renewal Course for Preschool



Cost: $50.00

This two- day course will satisfy the 45 clock hours of training that is required to renew your CDA.  

There is an additional $125.00 to be paid to the CDA Council for the application fee.